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City Park Episode 04 Neo-Currency

Blessings of the Blossoms. Episode 04 Neo Currency is focused on Money taken from US Mints from around the country (specifically Atlanta for now) and used within City Park exclusively. 

This new way of using currency has been a fight from the start, but now the focus is real especially when serial numbers of unprinted money have surfaced. 20 dollar bills are forbidden but are still being used within the underground exchange. 

It's more important than ever now to keep these serial numbers within the City now that Countries within Alkebulan are supporting the specific serial numbers with preserving precious metals in volts by way of Benton Harbor State Bank.

 One person is trying to take things to another level by starting trade on the continent and has to find a way to let everyone else know without things getting even more out of control as it has already begun to do.