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  Mr. Brand New, the younger brother to Ollie, learned of City Park from his brother while still in high school. For a long time he did not tell his brother Ollie that he was visiting The Parks with Spud as teenagers. He never revealed his secrets of what was going on until Jay moved back to BH from Det. It was then MBR told the battles Spud and he went through as they witness the hardships  City Park caused.

  MBR also witnessed the Blessings of The Blossoms first hand. He was able to take control of N Parks, which is also sacred land bordering the southern border of BC.

  When the new millennium came to be, Spud and MBR were old enough to fight back the downfall of BH by controlling the mayhem produced in City Park. Jay and Ollie were quick to help with the struggle of finding the two Oracles of The Parks.

  Once it was seen that things were looking up, he left to manage the N and Spud decided to stay in BH City Parks.

 This secrete was good until TK wanted to find his missing brother.

The Blessings of the Blossoms.