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  Ollie, who is a good friend to Jay and the older brother to Kamikaze Mr Brand New (MBN), has been affected by City Park with Hybrids drifting into his Parks which are across “The River”. Earlier in his life he’d noticed changes on the streets of BH. He later learned about City Park and met Jay a few years later.

  Upon discovering the Blessings of the Blossoms, Ollie helped Jay repair damages done to BH by City Park. From this he found that He inherited the responsibilities of his own group of parks in SJ. His community of Parks were already exceeding greatly form the Blessings of the Blossoms, making him the wealthiest man in BC.
  Ollie’s inheritance came to be from his forefathers being in MI before it became a state. When MI became a state, Ollie’s family had to go into hiding because of Slavery. SJ would not receive any Blessings of the Blossoms if any harm came to Ollie’s family due to them being the first seed layers of that land. All revenue made on that land Ollie’s family benifits. Ollie is the oldest living relative form that that family and gets it all. Not even his brother MBN gets a cut, but there is more to that story!

  With things getting bad for Jay in City Park, Ollie is doing what he can to assist Jay in getting things back on track. There is a lot going on and Ollie may just have the right tools in helping things go in the right direction again for BH in time.


 The Blessings of the Blossoms.