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BH - City Park YouTube Episodes


One park has a fountain with colored water, which a man dedicated to his son who died during the blossom parade day. Some people say they can see blossoms falling at night in the park. Some friends happen to be in the park at night and blossoms begin to fall.

     Some of the friends terrified runs. The few who stay see a portal open, but are afraid to enter. One of the guys gathers a handful of blossoms and holding them enters the portal. He stays for a short while, and when he returns he stumbles out, falls down and as he does, money falls out his pockets, which is double what he had. He describes orchards of cherry trees and says a voice told him his life will be doubled if he can stay in the park all night to receive the blessings of the blossoms. He walks away babbling about matching serial numbers and his friends have to commit him because he's incoherent.

     The next month the friends sit in the park again, waiting for the blossoms to fall, but they see all kinds of strange figures of the dead in B.H., which frightens most of the friends who run, except for one who stays and just before daybreak, the blossoms fall and he enters the portal and returns with his money doubled and the serial numbers matching in sequence. He continues to do this monthly and uses the money to effect what happens in B.H. by forcing it stay within the city limits. His buddies enter and one of them with matching serial numbers builds a hybrid empire. With this, he never returns. His brother looks for him and once it's explained what happened, He begins to sneak into the portal and uses the sources to expand territory.

    The key to the Blossoms now lay in the hands of the hybrids (babies), from which it began.